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Evaluating software can be complicated. Let our team assist you with custom demonstrations of Visual Analytic and Business Intelligence software

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Cloud or On-Premises, running your Analytic and Business Intelligence software requires administrative skills. Our team can assist you with installations, configuration, security, and managed services.


Training, Coaching, Content to get you started.

Coaching sessions for tasks such as loading data to creating advanced dashboards

How-To Support, call us when needed and we can guide you


Joint Project building

Advanced data sourcing and integration

Staff Augmentation


Research - View demonstrations - Try for yourself - Custom demonstration - Pilot

With a choice of Analytic and Business Intelligence software on the market today, it is prudent to evaluate your choices. Our team can guid you through your selection process ensuring that the software you choose will meet your needs today while allowing you to grow in the future.

Our partners offer best in breed solutions.

  • Research

    Visit our partner sites to see what is available

  • Demonstration

    Contact us to schedule a demonstration

  • Try for yourself

    Our partners allow you to evaluate with a trial version.

  • Pilot - Proof of Value

    Let us help you build a pilot solution to show the value and how it meets your specific needs.

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Excited about your new software you need a place to run the software - cloud or on-premises?
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Cloud Hosting

Hosting your software in the cloud removes the need for your internal IT (Information Technology) team to provide you with a hardware platform to run your software.

We offer cloud packages that will have you up and running without delay.

Managed Services

Cloud or On-Premises, managing and administering your software requires routine and proactive tasks. Our team can work with you to keep your solution running smoothly.

Getting Started Packs

Our Getting Started packs include:

Installation – Configuration – Security – Data connection – Sample Analysis dashboard

As fast as five days, and discounted for ultimate feasibility

Consulting Packs

Consulting when you need it how you need it. Starting with 40 hour packs that can be used over the course of a year in 4 hour increments.


Training - Coaching - How-To support


Full Scale Project - Data sourcing and integration - Advanced content - Geoanalytics
Data: Source – Integrate – Optimize

Source, Integrate, Optimize – The three steps required to ensure your Analytic solutions have the data needed for advanced analysis, dashboards, and reporting.

Joint Project Development

Fowlloing the Genware implementation methodology for analytics, our customer team not only gains the expanded bandwidth but more importantly gets to work alongside our team learning best practices along the way. We have done this with User and IT led projects and can assist you with your Analytic solution.

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